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Our Code of Conduct

Preparation, safety and behaviour are really important to us. We want to make sure that all our riders enjoy their ride with us in safety and that we create a good reputation for our club.

You can download a copy of our full Code of Conduct by clicking the button below.

Our Code of Conduct explained

You can read the full Code of Conduct by clicking the button above.

We ask our members to think about four things before and during every ride:

The Rider

We ask everyone to be tolerant and inclusive of others and well prepared for the ride. This means making sure you're physically capable of completing the route and that you're appropriately dressed, fed and hydrated before starting.


We wear cycling helmets on our rides - no exceptions. Your bike should be in good working order, and you should carry sufficient tools and spares to fix punctures or common mechanical problems. Mudguards and lights are strongly recommended for off-season rides and poor weather conditions.

Ride Safety

We expect our riders to follow the Highway Code and act in a safe way. Make sure you point out hazards to other riders, and if there is an incident or a near miss, report it to the ride leader and the Club Safety Officer as soon as you can.

Ride Etiquette

Turn up on time. Don't try to rip everyone's legs off. Be courteous to everyone on the road.

Uphold the reputation of the club.

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