Ride Grades

We try to accommodate riders of all abilities with our range of rides.

If you're new to us, then we hope the grading will help you find a ride that you're comfortable with straight away. 
If you're an established member, we hope the grading will help ride organisers to better convey the nature of rides
and you to select rides that meet your needs.


As we operate a "no drop" policy (i.e. nobody gets left behind) on virtually every ride, we don't want you to have a bad experience on a ride that was too fast or too slow for you.


In any case, we're happy to talk to you to discuss the best ride for you.
Just use the contact form or email the Club Secretary (email address at the bottom of the page).

Generally rides will be graded based on the maximum of distance, speed or ascent/difficulty.

For example: our regular Saturday chain gang (25km on flat terrain) is graded 3 because the usual speed is c.32kmh. 

Equally, a ride graded 5 (because it's 200km long) is unlikely to have an average speed anywhere near 32kmh - it'll be a 5 because of the distance and possibly the ascending involved.

The ascent ratio referred to below is the total gross ascending involved, divided by the ride distance. For example a 1% ascent ratio on a 50km ride means 500m of ascent (and probably 500m of descent too, but you get the descents for free).

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