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Youth Development Programme

The first Junior Development sessions commenced this year over the summer holidays and were blessed with great weather. Initial sessions have been held on Commonwood Lane, Sherston which is a virtually unused public road. Over the next few weeks we hope to move to an entirely off-road venue in Sherston village.

Further updates to follow.


Sessions so far have included bike handling skills, braking and emergency stops,
basic maintenance, roadside repairs and, of course, how to fix the dreaded puncture.


In general the sessions will include the following skills:

  • Basic bike control and low speed skills (starting, stopping, obstacle course etc)

  • How to look after your bike (or when to tell your parents that something needs fixing)

  • Puncture repairs, putting a chain back on, removing a wheel etc. 

  • Group riding etiquette (at low speed, off road, in small groups)

  • First group ride

  • How to look after other riders in a group.

These sessions are very much aimed at young riders who already know how to ride a bike but are looking to progress towards being able to ride in a group on the roads, ideally as part of a Sherston Velo family ride or café ride.  For more information, email

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